Pre-Calculus Final Review Videos

2014 Student Videos

The following are student solution videos for the final exam review for the Pre-Calculus first semester final.
(Videos require Quicktime Plugin - works best in FireFox and Safari browsers).

  • Problem 1
    - Average Rate of change using data points. Good use of slope-intercept equation
  • Problem 3
    **** A very good explanation of how to use your graphing calculator to find minimums, maximums, zeros, and then write increasing/decreasing intervals. PLUS a nice use of synthetic division. An excelent video!
  • Problem 4a
    - A nice quick demonstration of finding rate of change for a function.
  • Problem 7
    - A good silent flim =) (except for the noisy teacher in the background... sorry =) ) on finding the vertex form of a quadratic function.
  • Problem 8
    - How to use synthetic division to find multiple zeros. Keep going to the end to see the groups final answer... good catch guys.
  • Problem 8 - version 2
    - How to solve a Quartic (not quadratic...oops =) ) . A nice clean and thorough video. Good job.
  • Problem 9
    - A good explanation of how to use synthetic division and quadratic formula to solve polynomial equations.
  • Problem 17 (Larger video, it may take some time to load... be patient or right-click and download)
    - A great demonstration of how to use your calculator to enter Matrices to solve a 3-variable system with an augment matrix.
  • Problem 19
    - Good video for ellipse equations and focal distance.
  • Problem 19 - version 2
    - Some more thoughts on problem 19. Rambles a little (stay focused guys) but has some accurate information.
  • Problem 18
    - Nice explanation of how to find the intersection of the two lines in this system. To find the maximum of the objective function, plug in the value of all the corners of the feasible region into the objective function. See solutions for more details.