Pre-Calculus (v3.0)

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Sem. 1: Algebra of Functions
Sem. 2: Trigonometry Functions & Equations

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A few Review Topics

Distance Formula -handout
Midpoint Formula -handout

1st Semester

Unit 1: Functions & Graphs

Unit 2: Polynomial Functions

Unit 3: Rational Functions

Unit 4: Exponential and Logarithmic Functions

Unit 5: Systems of Equations & Inequalities

Unit 6: Conic Sections


2nd Semester

Unit 7: Trigonometric Functions

Unit 8: Graphs of Trigonometric Functions

Unit 9: Analytic Trigonometry

Unit 10: Vectors, Polar Graphs, and Parametric Equations

1st Semester Final Review: Units 1-6

2nd Semester Final Review: Units 7-10

Review Videos (Student and Teacher Videos)
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Final Project: Handout - TI-Nspire tool
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