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Unit 6: Exponents




(with due dates)

2/1 6.1: Exponent Properties

In this lesson we will learn about how to multily, divide, and use properties of exponents.

  • Watch Video and take notes
  • Big IdeasAssignment 6.1
2/2 6.1 Continuted

Work on your assignment and use these videos as reference:

  • Big IdeasAssignment 6.1
2/3 6.2 Radicals and Rational Exponents
  • Download and print (or open in Annotate if you want to do it paperless) the 6.2 Notes
  • Watch Video and take notes on the handout.
  • Do "Extra Practice" problems 1- 12 on 6.2 Notes
2/4 6.2 Try the previous lesson again  
2/5 6.2
  • Do the online assignment 6.2. Write out your work on paper.
  • Big IdeasAssignment 6.2
2/6 6.3
  • Do the online assignment 6.3. Write out your work on paper.
  • Big IdeasAssignment 6.3
2/9 6.3
  • Do the online assignment 6.3. Write out your work on paper.
  • Big IdeasAssignment 6.3
2/10 8.1
  • Do the online assignment 8.1.
  • Big IdeasAssignment 6.1
2/11 8.2
  • Do the online assignment 8.2.
  • Big IdeasAssignment 8.2
2/12 6.4

Begin by watching these examples:

Example 1
Example 2
Example 3
Example 4
Example 7

Now do Online assignment 6.4


  • Big IdeasAssignment 6.4
2/16 Unit 6 Quiz

Turn to page 324 in your book (on the iPad) and do the Unit 6 Quiz on a separate paper. Print this graph paper for your graphs .

You can look back at your notes if you need to.

  • Open Book Quiz out of book (pg 324)
2/17 6.5: Exponential Equations  
  • Big IdeasAssignment 6.5
2/18 6.6: Geometric Sequences  
  • Big IdeasAssignment 6.6
2/22 Review
  • Finish your 6.6 assignment
  • Begin working on ch. 6 Review pg 348: 1-12
  • Print this graph paper for your graphs or graph them in Annotate.
  • ch. 6 Review pg 348: 1-12

Unit 7: Polynomials




(with due dates)

2/29 7.1: Adding and subtracting polynomials
  • Review the notes from last night.
  • Then do Assignment 7.1 online.
  • Big IdeasAssignment 7.1
3/1 7:2 Multiplying Polynomials
  • Finish your 7.1 assignment. If you have questions on the last couple, we can talk about them later.
  • Begin your 7.2 online assignment. We will continue 7.2 tomorrow.
  • Big IdeasAssignment 7.2
3/2 7.2 Finish 7.2  
3/3 No Math Today    
3/4 7.3: Special Products
3/7 7.4: Factoring and Solving with factoring
  • We did notes together
  • Online Assignemnt 7.4
  • Big IdeasAssignment 7.4
  • Big IdeasAssignment 7.4
  • Big IdeasAssignment 7.4
3/9 7.5

Big IdeasAssignment 7.5

3/10 Quiz
  • Go to pg 384 in your book. Do #2-10even, 11-19. Do this on a separate paper.
Quiz on pg 384
3/11 7.6: Factoring with a leading coefficient greater than 1
  • Lesson together
  • Big IdeasAssignment 7.6
  • Big IdeasAssignment 7.6

Happy Pi Day!!

7.7: Factoring Special Products

  • Lesson together
  • Big IdeasAssignment 7.7
  • Big IdeasAssignment 7.7


Unit 8: Quadratic Functions




(with due dates)

3/28 8.1 & 8.2   Big IdeasAssignment 8.1&8.2
3/29 8.3  

8.3 Practice

3/30 8.3

Watch the video below to learn how to find maximum and minimums


Big IdeasAssignment 8.3 online
4/11 Review/Practice

Today we will start reviewing for our ch. 8 test.

Go to the Review section on page 470 and do
Ch. 8 Review: 1-10 all, 12-28 even. You can do the graphs on graph paper or on Annotate.

- Review assignment


Unit 9: Solving Quadratic Equations




(with due dates)

4/14 9.1: Radicals
  • Lesson at home
  • Online problems
Big IdeasAssignment 9.1 online (part 1)
4/15 9.1: Radicals
  • Watch this video examples (might work best on the ipad)
  • Do the second 9.1 online assignment
Big IdeasAssignment 9.1 online (part 2)
4/18 9.2 Solving by Graphing    
4/19 9.3 Square Root Method
  • Watch the video and follow along with your handout
  • Then do the extra practice problems on the handout Only do #1-18, 25, 26
  • Extra practice 9.3:1-18, 25, 26
4/20 9.4 Completing the Square

In this lesson, we are going to learn how to use the square root method when we don't have a perfect square. You are going to watch a few videos that refer to "completing the square" method to find vertex form (which we used last chapter.) However, we will mostly be using "completing the square" method to solve quadratic equations.

This is a Pre-Calculus lesson video, but don't stress about it, you will do just fine with it.

  1. Download and print (or use annotate) these notes:
    Completing the Square & Vertex Form
  2. Watch these videos and follow along in these notes
  3. Now we see that the general rule for completing the square is this:
    complete the sqauare
    When we add (b/2)^2 , then we can factor it into a binomial squared.
  4. Watch this example:
    Example 1
    Example 2
  5. If you have time, you can do your online assignment Big Ideas


Big IdeasAssignment 9.4 online
(part 1)
4/21 9.4 completing the Square
  1. What do you do if there is an a value greater than 1? Watch this example
  2. How do we change a function into vertex form using completing the square? Take out your handout from yesterday and watch the Part 3 - Converting into Vertex Form
  3. Now do the Puzzle Time exercises. Work them out on a separate paper.

    On #11 and 12, use completing the square to write the equation in vertex form first, then your answer is the maximum or minimum.
Puzzle Time worksheet (see notes to the left)
4/22 Quiz Do Quiz problems on 504. Just do the EVEN problems . Use the iPad book and work them on separate paper.

Pg. 504: Even problems

on separate paper.

4/25 9.5 Quadratic Formula

quadratic formula

4/26 9.6 Lesson at home Big IdeasAssignment 9.6 online
4/27 Review Do all review problems in book except multiples of 3. Review assignment
5/2 Review Finish Review  
5/3 Unit 9 test Do your Unit 9 test.... Work hard!  


Unit 10: Radical Functions




(with due dates)

5/4 10.1: Graphing Square Root Functions

Today we will start graphing square root functions to get an idea of how they work.

  • Download and print (or use annotate) the 10.1 Journal
  • Watch the video lesson and follow along with the handout.
  • Begin working on the Extra Practice problems on the handout.
5/5 10.1 Practice Now that you know how to graph radical functions, complete the Extra Practice problems on the handout from yesterday.
  • Complete all the 10.1 extra practice problems (label your axes!)
5/6 Problem Solving Cell Phone Problems

Work on Cell Phone Problems

5/9 Problem Solving   Complete Cell Phone Problems
5/10 10.2: Cube root Functions
  • Download and print (or use annotate) the 10.2 Journal
  • Watch the video lesson and follow along with the handout.
  • Begin working on the Extra Practice problems on the handout.
5/11 10.3: Solving Radical Equations
  • Big IdeasAssignment 10.3 online
5/12 Practice 10.1-10.3 Today we will do a little practice. You may need to print some graph paper.
5/13 10.4: Inverse Functions This is just an introduction topic. Do your best and we will talk about your questions.
  • Big IdeasAssignment 10.4 online
5/16 10.4

A little more practice!

Finish your 10.4 online assignment. Then do 10.4 practice problems on the chapter review

  • Finish 10.4 Online
  • do pg.
5/17 Ch. 9/10 Final Review

We are going to start building some notes for the final exam. The exam will cover all 10 chapters that you have studied.

For each chapter, you will be writng out some notes on a clean paper. For each chapter, you need to include:

  1. A list of at least 3important concepts, definitions, or formulas. Make sure you label things well. You may need abbrieviate
  2. Write 2 examples of important types of problems from the chapter.

Keep the notes organized, neat, and compact. You need to try to keep all your notes onto 2 pages (front and back). Focus on important stuff.

  • Make your final review notes for Ch. 10
  • If you have time, make your final review notes for Ch. 9
5/18 R Review ch 10    

Ch 10 Test

5/20-5/24 Final Review Notes    
5/25-5/26 Final Review Problems
  • Open these Final Review Problems
  • Move them into Nue Annotate
  • Work through as many of these as you can. The answers are on the last pages, so you can check your answers.


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