Unit 4: Integration
Lesson (Larson Text #) Handouts Resources
4A: Area and Integration (4.2)
  • Intersting Videos about curves and area (a little different kind of area than integrals) Space filling curves -
    Fractals, Area, and Music
  • Summation Video Notes:
    1. Open your 4A.2 Notes and complete the tables on page 2 using patterns (as best as you can.) Then watch this video:
      - Part 1
    2. Do Questions 1 and 3 on your exercises by just writing out each of the terms.
    3. Now watch Part 2 and follow along in your notes.
    4. Watch Part 3 video (up to 5 minutes) then try #15 and 18
    5. Finish the Part 3 Video (to the end) then work on 19-23
      If you use the iPad TI-Nspire, it is easy to find the summation.

4B: Riemann Sums (4.3)
4C: Antiderivatives and Indefinite Integrals (4.1)  
4D: The Fundamental Theorem of Calculus (4.4)
4E: Integration by Substitution (4.5)  
Unit 4 Review
  • Gilbert Strang (MIT) Big Picture Overview of Integrals
    - This is a nice simple overview of what an integral is if you are feeling lost and overwhelmed
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