Unit 3: Applications of Differentiation
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Part 1
3A: Extrema on an Interval (3.1)  
3B: Increasing and Decreasing Functions and the First Derivative Test (3.3)  
3C: Concavity, the Second Derivative Test, and Curve Sketching (3.4, 3.6)

Curve Sketching Videos
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3D: Rolle’s Theorem and the Mean Value Theorem (3.2)  
3E: Limits at Infinity and L’Hopital’s rule. (3.5)
Unit 3 Test (part 1)

Review Solution Videos:

Part 2
3F: Optimization Problems (3.7)  
3G: One-Dimensional Movement
3H: Related Rates (2.6)

Test 2 Review Handout

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